Industry News | Aug 19, 2019
Amazon Alexa Routines

Of course, you can use your smart devices like smart plug or smart light switch in order to turn your lights and appliances on or off and set them on timers. But smart assistants could help you do much more for the purpose of automating your dumb appliances. You can allocate various tasks to Alexa that would be achieved by a single command and that would really help you to simplify controlling your smart home. If you want to use commands in sequence, then setting routines is the best thing you can do. For example, set a routine to turn on the light at a particular time in the morning and read the news headlines. You can set routines directly with your Echo speaker or you can add your alexa compatible smart devices to your routine.

Now, if you are thinking how to set up routines, then let’s go through the simple steps to set up routines. You will need Alexa app. If you don’t have one, then download it from Play store or App store and open the app and then;

Click the Menu icon in the top left corner
Click Routines
Click the Plus icon in the upper right

Now you will be able to create a Routine. First thing first, you need to decide how you want to start a Routine. Click the + which you will see on the right side of “when this happens” and select a trigger for your Routine:

When you say a command;
At a certain time;
When one of your connected devices detects something, like a motion sensor detecting motion;
When you arrive or leave a location, based on your phone’s geo-location;
When you press an Echo button

Select one of these commands of your choice and add the details.

Once this much done, you have to decide what you want your Alexa to do when you start the Routine. Tap on the + sign to the right of “add action” and select what your routine should do:

Say something, including telling jokes or reading fun facts;
Tell you what’s on your calendar;
Change device settings, like adjusting the volume;
Send a message to the Alexa app or to your Echo devices;
Play music from Amazon music or other services;
Read the news from your Flash Briefing, which you can customize under Setting > Flash Briefing
Control smart home devices that you’ve set up with Alexa;
Tell you the traffic;
Tell you the weather;
Wait for a specific period of time before performing an action

Select one of the options you want and follow the prompts on the app. If you want to chose multiple actions, just hit the + sign again to add another one. If you need to rearrange the actions, simply drag and drop them. Click save when you are done. It may take a minute or two till the Routine gets automatically enabled on your Alexa devices. To view, edit or delete any of these Routines, go to Setting > Routines and click the Routine you want to modify.

You can now do much more as you know how to create Alexa Routines.