Company News | Sep 28, 2020
Gosund Won 4 Red Dot Design Awards with Improving Product Capability


Recently, Gosund has received a congratulatory letter and an honor certificate from the organizer of the German Red Dot Design Award. Gosund's European standard SP111 and American standard WP5 smart sockets have won a total of  4 Red Dot Product Design Awards in the two categories of "Interior Design Elements" and "Smart Products" depending on the people-oriented design concept, convenient smart control functions, and excellent quality-monitoring.


                                                                                                                         Gosund Won 4 Red Dot Design Awards with Improving Product Capability(图1)

SP111 smart socket won 2 Red Dot Product Design Awards


As one of  the world's three major design awards, the German Red Dot Award has a history of  more than 60 years and is one of  the most influential industrial design awards in the world. The Red Dot Award has become the bellwether of  global outstanding creativity and design owing to its extremely rigorous and professional selection criteria. In 2020, Gosund entered into rivalry with 6,500 works from 60 countries around the world and won 4 Red Dot Product Design Awards in one fell swoop, demonstrating its strong strength in industrial design and smart product R&D.

 Gosund Won 4 Red Dot Design Awards with Improving Product Capability(图2)

WP5 smart socket won 2 Red Dot Product Design Awards


The Debut of Global Smallest European Standard Smart Socket

Smart sockets tend to be larger than conventional sockets because of  the communication modules and chips embedded in them, which has become a problem in the industry that how to balance the size and function design.

Gosund rose to the challenge, optimized its internal structure, and adopted the world's leading packaging technology to keep the product size within the desired range. The SP111 and WP5 smart sockets are small and exquisite in appearance with only 44mm*50mm*69.5mm size, making them become the smallest European standard smart sockets worldwide. 

To achieve the ultimate size is based on considerations of  user experience. First of  all, the small-size smart socket has a better impression and a more refined body. When placed at home, it is like an artwork. Secondly, it can be used on the power strip with multiple plugs at the same time, which will not take up too much space and let users more worry-free.

As an electrical product, the safety performance of  the smart socket is more concerned by users. Both SP111 and WP5 smart sockets are made of  V0 fire-resistant materials with 750℃ high-temperature flame retardant and over-flow protection functions, which can effectively guarantee the safety of  household electricity.

In the design industry, some entries have a strong sense of  design, but they are not suitable for daily use by users. Gosund was not about design for design's sake while participating in the 2020 Red Dot Award Selection but fully considered the balance between design aesthetics and practicality.

At present, both SP111 and WP5 smart sockets have achieved mass production and sell well on Amazon, getting many favors and supports from users. The excellent design is not only close to people's daily life but also can stand the test of  the market.


Streamlined Functions Make Smart Life Within Reach

A lot of  smart hardware on the market is getting fancier and fancier. For users, many functions are not used frequently but they will only increase the purchase cost of  users.

        In terms of  function design, Gosund fully considered life scenarios of  the users and discarded functions that do not make much sense with the consistently restrained attitude.

        SP111 and WP5 smart sockets have relatively streamlined functions such as voice control and APP control, which can work well with coffee machines, fans, desk lamps, and other electrical appliances for intelligent control traditional home appliances easily.

  Gosund Won 4 Red Dot Design Awards with Improving Product Capability(图3)

SP111 and WP5 smart sockets can easily control the power switch through APP by connecting to home Wi-Fi, breaking through the limitations of  time and space. With Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice platform, users can enjoy the voice service of  "every request". These two core functions can help users solve many troubles in their lives such as forgetting to turn off the lights, sitting on the sofa to turn on a remote fan, etc.

In Europe, electricity is generally more expensive and home appliances are on the rise, Users do not know where the problem is when they receive an electricity bill that exceeds expectations. So the SP111 smart socket adopted the energy measurement chip dedicated to the smart home industry for solving it, which can help users record real-time electricity consumption and realize efficient management of  household electricity.


 Gosund Won 4 Red Dot Design Awards with Improving Product Capability(图4)


The comment of  the Red Dot Award jury to SP111 is that SP111 Smart Socket is a simple solution to integrate common devices into the smart home environment. The socket helps households achieve energy saving with its elegant, compact appearance and smart functions.


Keep Improving to Create More Powerful Products

As a fast-growing smart home brand, Gosund always puts independent R&D and product design in the first place. At present, Gosund has independently developed more than 40 smart home products covering smart sockets, smart switches, smart bulbs, smart light strips, smart security cameras, and other fields.

Gosund invests tens of  millions of  R&D expenses every year to bring in top talents in the IoT, establishing safe and reliable laboratories and improving the independent R&D capabilities of  the whole team continuously.

In the process of  product design, Gosund firmly holds the market demands and thinks deeply about the appearance, buttons, arc angles, and other details of  each product in terms of  users such as SP111 and WP5 smart sockets that are two typical examples. Even in an era when updates and iterations for products become so fast, Gosund has always maintained the craftsman spirit of  excellence.

 Gosund Won 4 Red Dot Design Awards with Improving Product Capability(图7)


To produce smart products with reliable quality, Gosund has built its own manufacturing base of over 10,000 square meters. At present, Gosund has adopted an automatic SMT patch system, fully automated AI plug-in system, and other smart machines & equipment, and established a strict quality management system covering all aspects like raw material procurement, product assembly, product inspection.

Gosund won 4 Red Dot Product Design Awards this time, which reflects the recognition and affirmation of Gosund by the design industry. In the future, Gosund will also make persistent efforts to optimize product design continuously and create stronger product capabilities, bringing more high-quality smart home products to users around the world.