Complete care for various business needs

We are your smart business partner by offering not only our products, but also by taking care of the process starting with resourcing, creating the packaging, display and design of the product, the actual shipment and even more. Choose your type of business to discover

  • B2B

  • Retailer

  • Etailer

  • Convenience Store

  • others Store

Agent advantage
  • Quality

    Intelligent socket shell adopts imported PC V0 class fireproof material, 750 high temperature flame retardant, internal phosphorus bronze shrapnel, better conduction, fire prevention, product safety.

  • Brand

    The company is a collection of product design, research and development, production, sales in one, with its own brand, which is more conducive to the realization of strong control of product quality.

  • The Price

    The enterprise USES unmanned production, product manufacturing cost is controllable. The selling price of the products is lower than the industry standard. The products have very high cost performance, and the profit margin of the agents is higher.

Self-select packaging

Through the integration of different business environments in different markets around the world, as well as the display of channels, we have worked out packaging schemes that are consistent with consumption habits and convenient for market promotion. The packaging adopts environment-friendly material and transparent design to stimulate consumers' purchasing desire and increase product sales.

Store display

We provide customers with professional in-store display design scheme. According to customers' individual needs and the specific display environment in the store, we help customers to show Gosund smart home products in a scene-based way and create a scene-based immersive experience for users, so as to create intelligent life experience and new surprises for users.

Display shelf

The terminal shelves provided by us can well adapt to different scenes. Stores, shopping malls, hardware stores, combined with product placement, can well reflect our brand elements, form a strong brand visual impact, let users have an impression of the brand.