Gosund was founded in 2007 in Shenzhen, we have own team for research and development ,factory ,sales .Gosund has been a professional Hardware & Software Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)/Original Design Manufacturer(ODM) for World leading companies and has an international standard R&D system and quality control system. Now Gosund is professional brand and factory for Smart products. Gosund supply to over 30 countries, serving millions of consumers worldwide.

F2C(Factory to consumer): Gosund can design a good product after the factory foundry through the terminal to reach consumers, to ensure that the product is reasonable, while quality services are guaranteed. Gosund provide consumers with cost-effective products.

New manufacture: The past we pay attention to large-scale production, standardization, but now we make the manufacture more intelligent, personalized, customized

New retail: In the next decade or twenty years, without e-commerce , only new retail. In other words, OAO (Online And Offline)and modern logistics must be combined to create a real new retail.

Our vision

We can create a market with excellent quality and reasonable price for eneryone .Aiming to bring only quality electronic products with functions that no other competitor can provide, and thus, our electronic brand has evolved into a truly remarkable corporation.

In conclusion,Gosund provides you with the best smart products for your everyday life. All you have to do is to name it and we design and produce,finally ship it.

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